CamScanner v [Paid/Unlock] Version - Download Free Now

CamScanner vs [Paid/Unlock] Version - Download Free Now

Camscanner is the world's leading mobile scanning app that is installed approximately 380 million devices in all over 200 countries and approx there is is 500000 new registrations done per day. CamScanner have own image cropping and enhancing logic that leads to clear images and counted as one of the top choice at Google Play store.

CamScanner vs [Paid/Unlock] Version - Download Free Now

Just scan your paperwork into to PDF / JPG file full stop you can also generate your own signature and able to send fax or email to anywhere anyone you want full stop this is the best deal for scanning documents on your Android or iOS, Windows phone etc. CamScanner make easy to scan your document commerce store commerce Singh and collaborate with various contents on your devices.

CamScanner vs [Paid/Unlock] Version - Download Free Now

Features of CamScanner:-

• Quickly Digitize Document

You can use your phone camera to scan and to operate all kinds of paper documents such as received, notes, invoices, business cards, crickets and white board discussions etc.

• Optimize Scan Quality

CamScanner allows you to smart crop and auto enhance the text and graphics in the scan documents with premium colours and resolutions just to be clear and sharp.
CamScanner vs [Paid/Unlock] Version - Download Free Now

• Extract Texts from Image

 OCR means optical character recognization that features text in document images and extract them from images for later editing, searching , sharing etc.

• Share PDF/JPEG Files

You can easily share your documents in PDF or JPG file format with family friends via various ways such as post on social media send attachment or document downloading through email.

• AirPrint & Fax Documents

Now instant print out any documents in the app with nearby printer such as airprint only you have to select the desired document and fax to over 30 countries from the app.

• Advanced Editing

You can make a notations on documents with full set of editing, you can also add customised watermarks which are available to Mark your own documents.

•  Search Fast

If you have lot of documents you can use labels / tags to categorise and easily find them later. Ocr for search helps you to find the text inside images and notes after entering 1-2 keywords.

• Secure Important Documents

Camscanner allow you to protect your confidential contents by just applying a passcode for viewing documents. You can also show set password to the the sending document.

• Sync across Platforms

 You can sync your documents on go options. Only you have to sign in your your device and you can view, edit and share any document.
CamScanner vs [Paid/Unlock] Version - Download Free Now
You have to wait 10 seconds.

New Features:-

1. CamScanner allow you to send OCR result it as text directly to your your contacts through WhatsApp.

2. You how to open the gallery drag your finger across the screen to select the desired pictures. Import has been never easy to use as easy as CamScanner.