Halo Reach: MCC Developments Update January 2020

This month gonna be amazing month for Halo: The Master Chief Collection with the release on both Xbox and PC! Now, they are working to support the launchwhile also moving forward on future features and development on the remaining titles. 

This Season Updates :-

  • Feature Matchmaking: Now Complete (without quitting) 10 matches on snowy multiplayer and/or Firefight maps.

Now , MCC players will also enjoy double XP for medals and double the XP cap for medal categories from now until January 6th.
This time  the XP earned for time played is unchanged, so be sure to support your team and defeat your opponents in style for maximum XP gains. It means that,  on going AFK won’t benefit you and will just hurt the experience for others and likely get you banned. 

AFK & Macros

    • AFK and Marcos will  remain a bannable offense. At present , they have issued temporary bans based on the egregiousness of the offense. They will continue to monitor this behavior and take enforcement action as needed.
    • It means that this is a bannable offense and falls under category of unsociable and unsportsmanlike behavior. Many, if not all, of the reports we have received on these involved various forms of bullying, hate speech, intimidation, and betraying against players who joined a match and did not want to participate in the XP bossting activity. This will be not allowed or tolerated in any way and we encourage players to continue to report instances of this happening so we can investigate.Also remember to mute  plathe other members on  can Xbox. 
Firefight Suicides

Suiciding in Firefight with intension in an effort to exploit XP gains is another bannable offense and falls under the category of unsociable and unsportsmanlike conduct. All the behavior regarding this will be investigated, and punishments will be issued if found true.


In early week of december they shipped a small patch for MCC on Xbox One and PC which addresses a few specific items the team has been working on. Here’s what was included in the Dec. 18 patch:
One of most important  priorities is ensuring that Halo: Reach is accessible to as many players as possible. 
The team have discovered a legacy mechanic from the original game that was contributing to negative sentiment regarding the feel and responsiveness of playing on M+KB. Mechanic have been adjusted and are interested in what the community thinks of this change. 

Additional small fixes:

  • An issue is fixed which prevented the sound effect for unlocking a season tier from playing.
  • Fixed an stat error that was causing multiplayer kills in Halo: Reach to increase the deaths in your service record.
  • Added a new Halo: Reach themed splash screen to celebrate the inclusion of Reach, our sixth title into Halo: The Master Chief Collection.
  • An issue is being resolved that could cause players to be kicked from a matchmade game when an intermittent loss of Xbox Live connectivity occurred.
  • An exploit is fixed where season items which were manually made available while Easy anti-cheat (EAC) was disabled and were able to equip them after launching on an EAC enabled exe.


  • New Challenges
  • On Message of the Day on PC
  • In Server Ping list on PC
  • By adding an option for open mic and support for controllers
  • They will also focus on UI/UX Improvements around navigation, Roster, customization and many more areas of the game
  • Upon stability Improvements and bug fixing