Things to do or carry with yourself to avoid Corona Risk [COVID-19]- Gadgethub360

Covid-19 is the biggest problem that all countries are facing right now. As today is the 16th day of lockdown, number of infected people increases to 15,63,852 and no. of died people increases to 91,830 . In India cases rises to 6,475 with 196 deadth cases. It continues to extend its impact in India. 

So, it's our responsibility to be safe and stay at home. But being at home is effecient for stopping Covid-19? In my opinion it's not effective if we will not take few measure precautions for avoiding Covid-19. I know that next question that come to your mind is that what are the precautions?? Don't worry I am going to tell you the ways to avoid Covid-19. There are few things you have to do or carry with yourself for avoiding the risk of Covid-19. 

Things to do or carry with yourself to avoid Covid-19 risk :-

• Wash Your Hands Regularly

Wash your hands several times in a day for a minimum time of 20 seconds. Despite this also use sanitizer for killing germs and bacteria. If you are going to anywhere must carry this with you.

• Maintain minimum distance with everyone

Maintain a minimum distance of 3 feet with people having age less than 50 years and about 6 feet from people's more than 50 years. Stay safe from individuals suffering from cough and fever.

• Wear mask

There is no need of going outside of your house as there is official notice of lockdown all over country and also in other countries. But in case of emergency if your going out of your home you must wear your mask. It will protect from the transmission of viruses through air.

• Carry Pocket Heater

According to WHO report Coronavirus can't survive in hot climate. So, if you are from cold region or places where temperature is very low, you should carry pocket heater with yourself for maintaining your body temperature.

• Clean Mobile Phones Regularly

Mobile Phones can be the biggest spot for Coronavirus as everyone stick to their mobiles phones. On screen MRSA celled living beings are found. So,clean your mobile phones regularly to avoid this risk.

CDCP( Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) suggests not to touch eyes, nose or any other parts time to time because this can lead to the contact of virus to your body.