Hollywood Story: Fashion Star v10.3.8 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Diamond] Download Now

Hollywood Story: Fashion Star v 10.3.8 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Diamond] Download Now

Present with Hollywood Story: Fashion Star

Sacrifice in the capital of Hollywood movies with Hollywood Story: Fashion Star. This is a game from the publisher of Nanobit.com, which allows from an amateur character to become a famous A star. The street is full of lanterns, money, houses, fame and shame. You are going to experience amazing things in this virtual Hollywood . Build your acting career, meet fans and create styles on social media. Alot of things present which you can explore to become a star.

Build your career in Hollywood

Hollywood Story: Fashion Star tells the story of the career of a top Hollywood actor from the beginning of zero. Each chapter in the play represents a part of the life of the main character.

In Hollywood Story: Fashion Star, you will play the role of a beautiful girl with outstanding white hair. Your goal is to help your girlfriend fulfill her dream of becoming a famous star. However, a good face is not everything. To help your girl stand out, you need to help her change completely from appearance to personality.

Amazing thing about this game is that you can design your characters according to you or the way you want. Change your fashion style, change your hair style and make beautiful makeup, customize your avatar. There are many fashion styles such as sexy, office, youth, calendar to choose from. Help your girl gain confidence while walking through crowded places.

Hollywood Story: Fashion Star v 10.3.8 MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Diamond] Download Now
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After making some mark in people’s hearts about photography, it’s time to show off your talent with quality cinema works. Demonstrating natural acting talent through various film projects. At first, please work hard and do not hesitate to test the supporting characters. Certainly soon you will become famous and attract a huge fan base.

STARDOM: HOLLYWOOD and KIM KARDASHIAN: HOLLYWOOD is also a very popular celebrity role play.

Fashion, singing, fans and more

Once you have settled into the world of movies, you can now jump to the many other places you love. Drive to the famous catwalk and become a top model, representing famous brands. Or join a showbiz, become an artist with an amazing voice that attracts a large audience.

You can become a fashion designer and open your own store. This not only helps to make more money, but also helps your reputation to improve.

Dating celebrities

The great thing about being a celebrity is that you get to meet hot looking guys. Go to epic events with good looking actors. It shows the seductive level of a female superstar ready to cut any man's heart.

If you are not interested in dating, you can use your free time to relax in luxurious houses. Enjoying star life with nothing but money and fame, is it not amazing?

However, being a celebrity means you have to accept that everything you do will be explored and nurtured as a topic of discussion. Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques that paparazzi is constantly bombarded with. Be well-prepared when you are on the road. Although there are a few exceptions, going to the magazines helps you gain more followers and gives you a higher reputation. But just make a small mistake, the embarrassment will hit you at any moment.

MOD APK version of Hollywood Story: Fashion Star

• MOD feature

• Unlimited amount

How to use the MOD version

First, click on the coin in the left corner of the screen.

Use diamonds to buy money in the game, the value of diamonds will increase as you use them.

How to download latest Hollywood Story MOD APK

Compared to games of the same genre, Hollywood Story: Star Trend did not really emerge as a play or a news story. However, thanks to the beautiful graphics and many beautiful fashion outfits, the game still gets a decent number of players. If you like fashion games, please feel like Fashion Star every now and then!