Download SIMULACRA APK + OBB v1.0.53 (Full) For Android

Download SIMULACRA APK + OBB v1.0.53 (Full) For Android

 In today’s gaming market, the type of simulation has become a popular practice with a large number of players every day. There are many types of comparisons, and many of them will be based on the problem of life and produce everything. Everyone wants to be a good simulation player and the life inside the game is amazing for players. Even when the opportunity to imitate has reached a new level, instead of a physical body and a particular sport, it will help you to have a completely new experience with simulation games. And today, I am going to introduce you to a new simulation game that has just been launched on the market, which is SIMULACRA. It’s the next part of a popular game that focuses on imitating a secret discovery journey after the death of a celebrity. And this part will be the same, but it will incorporate the best features.


At the beginning of the game, you will be the police officer in charge of investigating the cause of the girl's death. But it came as a surprise that all the clues came from his phone. So you will start the detective with this mysterious phone.

The start of the game will be the times when you watch a video on the phone. This video is unconventional, with content to record moments before it dies, but the video image is a problem. The video was noisy, the sound was embarrassing, and she kept repeating strange words. You will definitely love this video, but it is the only source of clues to find the cause. From here, the player will always have access to everything on his phone, looking for everything stored inside it. Many riddles will appear, but solving them will depend on the skill of the player. These puzzles are very important because they will open up another important trail.

Download SIMULACRA APK + OBB v1.0.53 (Full) For Android

Something strange happened, even on the phone, it was all wrong. It was as if someone were playing with their owner or dying. Some data has been deleted, unable to follow some directions. But that’s not a problem, because the player that accompanies it will be an AI that can recover all deleted data. Apart from that, the players will also have a lot of interactive situations between the characters and their colleagues. From there, players can use it as a useful tool to use in the game. By continuing to unravel the mysteries and find out who sinned, expose them and bring peace to the dead girl.


With a truly authentic program, accompanied by kind-hearted scenes of life. This game will give players an awesome experience of a terrifying and terrifying game. Even the player will not know that he himself was fascinated by this amazing combination. This game will mimic everything on the phone. It can be said that you are using another phone, for example, but unusual changes like scary pictures or colorful effects will scare players. And these jumpscare situations are completely unexpected, the player will be unexpected.

Download SIMULACRA APK + OBB v1.0.53 (Full) For Android
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If you are a fan of the scary and fast-paced version, then “SIMULACRA ” might be the right fit for you.

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