Versus Tales X v1.0.11 Latest APK Download Now

 Adult game distributor Nutaku selects a number of free games to be played soon and one is on the ship: pre-registration period for Versus Tales X is open.

Versus Tales X v1.0.11 Latest APK Download Now

What is the Versus Tales X about? World legends live in Otogiland, a mysterious place born of human imagination. Where there is good, there must be evil, so you must enter this world to overcome the powers of darkness! The protagnist, the average man with a big tremor

"He is the Almighty", he is led to Otogiland. Compared to the Almighty, this world also contains its counterpart, "Demight." But now, the balance has been broken, creating disasters in Otogiland. You can find an overview of the game below, or read the full game review.

Key Features
You have to wait 10 seconds.

• Fight with other players and aim high


• Transform and enhance more than 100 girls to create a

a very strong team!

• Competitions are always open and waiting to be held

challenge. Climb up on the leader board for good


• Collect hundreds of girls with more than H characters


• A new world of Otogiland awaits you! Check

to develop a variety of interesting stories

characters, each with its own unique characters!