Witches Tarot v2.0.5 Paid APK Download Free For Android


Witches Tarot v2.0.5 Paid APK Download Free For Android

Want to enter magical world of witches? Play Witches Tarot and experience the same. The Tarot revives the old RWS image to reflect modern beliefs and practices, which it does

suitable for modern magical experts. But the Tarot witches' place is not just for Witches and Wiccans. Everything symbolic on the cards deepens the meaning and adds to it

insight into Witches Tarot. Due to its simple design and impressive graphics everyone praises this game no matters if he is a beginner or a professional.

Witches Tarot v2.0.5 Paid APK Download Free For Android
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Here is the door to the arcane realm of wisdom and magic, if you are trying to enter.

Features Of Witches Tarot APK are:- 

* This game have quite simple design and amazing graphics which will give an awesome experience to professional and beginners also.

* Beautiful full screen, high resolution card images by Mark Evans

* This game can be played in all type of platforms mac, window's, iOS as well as android .

* Complex journal

* 14 built-in spreads

* Build your own building with a free Form

* Allow cards to be postponed or not

* Option to use Major Arcana only

* Zoom in to increase card details

* Share reading via email

* Animated Shuffle & cut

* Voice options

* Customize your card and reading materials

* Many flexible settings

* A modern oracle focused on traditional Pagan divination, a package of Witches Tarot will delight you!

Welcome to Tarot World of witches !