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ABOUT Cosmic Shock League 

A new Match-3Card will be available in Cosmic Shock League. Uncensored hentai content abounds in this battle game. Putting yourself in the shoes of a grizzled 21st-century champion who has been cryogenically frozen for thousands of years.


You'll be entrusted with filling in the blanks for each little space harlot's classic female identity, on which she's constructed her life and combat style. Lots of fucking and frolics ensue... as you use your knowledge of history to charm the knickers off your ever-expanding harem of star pussy. In this brilliant new world, you may not be the only powerful force reawakened!

Assist the Cosmic Shock Girls in understanding their past and discovering their deepest sexual desires. Explore the most enticing intergalactic battleground in the known cosmos.


Features Of Cosmic Shock League

Immerse yourself in the world of the best Hentai porn game currently available on the market. A fun and erotic sci-fi adventure replete with vintage references, attractive girls, and never-ending conflicts.

-Fully Animated Real-Time Action

Vibrantly animated battles pit your Cosmic Shock Girls against player and Al controlled squads. To crush your adversaries, use a variety of attack, defence, healing, and support Abilities.


- Unique Gameplay

Easy to learn, difficult to master. Cosmic Shock League is an entertaining mash-up of classic match-3 principles with collectible card games.

Compete Against The World In real-time Arena combat, duel players from all over the world. Participate in the battle, advance to the top Leagues, and receive exclusive goodies at the end of each season!

- Gather Your Girls

Adapt your tactics and assemble the best squads possible. Collect and evolve your Cosmic Shock females to fully realise their potential!

-Cosmic Shock Girls collectibles

There are numerous ways to increase your team and unleash their Epic powers, whether it's through fighting through the campaign's 320+ levels, PVP Battle Chests, or event success.


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Cosmic Shock League is one of the best Hentai 18+ game powered by Nutaku. This game is free to play but some items are locked for which you have to purchase items.