King of Kinks Latest APK v9.0.0.31 FREE Download For Android/iOS

  King of Kinks Latest APK v9.0.0.31 FREE Download For Android/iOS

STORY Of King of Kinks Latest APK

King of Kinks Latest APK is the latest fast-paced fantasy RPG that will have you wanting more.

The Kingdom of Clouds is an empire ruled by beautiful yet lethal women. Long years of inequality and unfairness to men did not go unnoticed, resulting in a rebellion. Your father, the Rebel King, began the uprising to put an end to the chaos and to depose the ruthless beauties. Unfortunately, he was killed in the middle of a combat. Being the Rebel King's only son. You have now committed your life to carrying on your father's legacy. Bring your allies together and lead the uprising to bring down the ruthless empire!

OVERVIEW of King of Kinks Latest APK

King of Kinks Latest APK is the latest fast-paced fantasy RPG that will have you wanting more.

You'll get the best of both worlds with a perfect combination of casual gameplay and strategy-based team development.

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The King of Kinks sends you on a journey to recover the throne of the Kingdom of Clouds while hiring every merciless beauty you can across in this vast fantasy kingdom. From noble kink queens to greedy temptresses, you'll have your pick of hotties.

You may also come across superhuman beauties willing to suck you dry - whether in a kind or nasty way is entirely up to you.

Even more, the range of the occupants is reflected in the Hscenes: you won't just be improving your girls to gain access to a scene; you'll be speaking with them and discovering the filthiest obsessions this cast of stunners has to offer.

Aside from the sex, King of Kinks is an interesting and engaging RPG.

The auto-quick-speed combat and strategic components work together to provide players with the best experience available on the market. For bonus points, rewards function on an AFK basis: play the game, go do your thing, and then return to collect the prizes that accumulated while you were offline.

You'll be ready to take over the kingdom in no time thanks to multiple game types, limited events, and the good ol' luck of the draw in the Gacha.

There will be no kink shaming here; instead, join the journey and act out your wildest fantasies!


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Features of King of Kinks Latest APK

• Relaxing gameplay! 

Join this fantastic adventure and  b uild up your team of hotties! Heroes will battle for you  automatically, you can collect offline rewards just by  tapping the AFK chest when you log in next. You can  always jump right back into the adventure, with new  content being regularly updated.

• Endless stages! 

Progress through the campaign, see  h ow far you can go, and climb the top of the ranks.

Exploring the islands will also grant you exclusive  rewards!

• Auto-battle mode! 

Battles that are automated and double-speed allow you to play this game with just a few touches!

Strategize and power up your one-of-a-kind team to take on the Bosses! There are over a thousand battle stages to participate in. Create an unbeatable squad by figuring out the best combos and skills.

• Squads depending on strategy! 

Each female has a distinct fighting style that will provide you with a range of battle encounters. The females' active and passive abilities might be essential in battle. Evolve your heroes to create ties that will help you enhance your squad!

• H content that is hotter than hell! 

Meet over 40 beautiful women and have kinky sex with each of them!

Summon gorgeous chicks and evolve them to gain access to their uncensored H-scenes!

Throughout the storey, multiple animated sex scenes are available, with special and interactive H-scenes being available during time-limited events. After completing an event, unlocked scenes can be found in the album.

• A dating chat system! 

Receive sassy private notes from the ladies you encounter on your adventure! Fulfill their fantasies and reveal their hidden scenes. Various animated sex scenes and side tales are accessible based on game progress and time-limited events.

• Delight goddesses! 

Unlock and level up goddesses, and they will assist you in combat! You may increase goddesses' Intimacy and unlock three videos for each of them by seducing them. Furthermore, they are strong allies who will assist you in overcoming the hardest times.

• Consistent carnivals and events! 

Every month at regular intervals, events are organised, providing you with the ideal opportunity to exchange event items for character fragments and uncommon items.

MOD Features Of King of Kinks Latest APK mod:-

• No MOD

Download King of Kinks Latest APK For Android/iOS FREE Download

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