Ella 2048 v1.1.9 Latest APK RPG Nursing Game Download Page

Ella 2048 v1.1.4 Latest Hack APK Download Now

Version v1.1.9 Ella 2048 Latest MOD APK requires access to:-


 • Access to delete or modify USB storage.

 • You can read the content in your USB storage device.

Ella 2048 v1.1.4 Latest Hack APK Download Now


  • read sync settings  

  • run foreground service

  • Google Play billing service

  • run at startup

  • toggle sync on and off

  • Have full Network access

  • View network connections

  • Prevent phone from sleeping

  • Play install Referrer API

  • View Wi-Fi connections

  • Recieve data from internet

Ella 2048 v1.1.4 Latest Hack APK Download Now

Press 3-4 times after 5 seconds if it does not work or refresh the page. You'll be redirected to final download page.

Ella 2048 is Associate in Nursing RPG game with a novel story and gameplay. additionally to the role-playing game, the sport conjointly has difficult puzzle mechanics. they will invite over fifty stunning and enticing Balkan country to square with you. Also, you'll be able to provide them love through adult actions.Ella 2048 could be a strategic alternative for vogue and composition. Your job is to seek out the most effective Balkan country cards. it'll be a supply of infinite power for you to defeat all the monsters. every game is expounded to 2 high-level arenas.

 A matrix allows you to prepare your style and strategy. sadly, in every game, you'll be able to decision up to ten and that they can move into battle. The match ends once there's nobody left within the ring. you'll be able to use drugs to pass though a fight.When the fight starts, you've got three issue levels to decide on from. 1st of all, you must select an easy level as a result of you are doing not have abundant power. Later, once you have known as unluckily enough and have considerable power, you'll be able to choose from hassle and hell mode for additional things.

Ella 2048 v1.1.4 Latest Hack APK Download Now