Eros Fantasy v1.10.8 MOD APK [menu/god Mode/high attack]

Eros Fantasy v1.10.8 MOD APK [menu/god Mode/high attack]

About Eros Fantasy

 Eros Fantasy is a virtual reality eroge developed by Illusion, a Japanese game development company. The game is an adult visual novel that focuses on the concept of ‘Love and Lust’, in which you play as an adventurer character who goes to various different worlds in search of adventures. At each new world, you meet new characters and learn about how they live their lives. These interactions are what make up the majority of Eros Fantasy. 

How To Play?

The main goal of the game is to advance your relationship with different characters at different points in the game. Once you unlock a certain point in the story, you can then pursue romantic interests with other characters at that point. Do note that some NPCs do have specific storylines or endings, but it’s possible to trigger alternate scenes or endings by pursuing romatic interests with different NPCs. In this guide, we’ll be showing you some little-known secrets and alternative ways of unlocking these romance options with as little effort as possible!


How to Unlock Romance Options

Romance options can only be unlocked in the game Eros Fantasy when you pursue romantic interests with specific characters. However, some romance options may be available at any point in the game if you choose the right route. Romance options are dependent on which route you’re on, so make sure to follow this guide carefully. For example, the first route unlocks your relationship with the bandit girl at the ‘Dead of Night’ event. 

However, you can pursue her romantically at any point in the game as long as you keep up the bandit girl route. This means that you can choose whether to pursue her romantically or not, and do it any time you want to. In the game Eros Fantasy, you can also unlock other romance options and alternative endings by pursuing romatic interests with other individuals. Remember though that some romance options will not be available if you’re on certain routes.

Alternative Endings

There are multiple romance options in Eros Fantasy, but some of these options won’t lead you to a romantic ending. These characters can be unlocked in certain routes, but you’ll have to choose a different route in order to unlock them. For example, you can unlock your relationship with the priestess in the ‘Cave of Love’ route if you choose the ‘Renounce Love’ route. However, in order to unlock the ‘Renounce Love’ route, you’ll have to choose the ‘Rebel Against Love’ route. Similarly, there are certain romance options that may not be available in certain routes. 

In these cases, you’ll have to choose another route in order to unlock them. It’s important to note that pursuing romantic interests with other characters won’t automatically unlock a romance option. You’ll have to choose to pursue those interests in order to unlock the romance options with them. You can use this guide to find out which characters may be available as romance options in certain routes and then choose the route you want to unlock those options with.

Items That Can Be Bought with Gold

There are certain items that you can buy with gold in Eros Fantasy. Some of these items can be used to unlock romance options, unlock new scenes, and even advance the story. You can buy these items with gold that you earn by completing certain events and by making successful love confessions. For example, the ‘Flower’ event can be completed by planting a flower in a certain area. The ‘Breeze’ event can be completed by giving a flower to a character. 

These flowers can then be sold to a merchant for gold. You can use that gold to buy items at the merchant store. Some items can also be bought with gold from the merchant store. These items can be used to make your character more attractive, unlock new events, and make other characters fall for you. It’s important to note that these items won’t make your character seem more attractive to the opposite sex.

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Key Features Of Eros Fantasy v1.10.8 MOD APK are:-

• 30+ Girls (People, Beastfolks and Demons)

• Awesome news line with 70+ Hot

• Meeting

• 25+ disposable scenes

• Free Fighting with special special powerful abilities

• Arena modes and Tournament PVP

• Special Events, Challenges and Travel Story


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Tips and Tricks for Eros Fantasy (Android)

- You can easily get around the boat map by using the fast-travel option. You can teleport directly to the boat map by tapping the boat icon on the map. Alternatively, you can also teleport to the map by tapping on the map icon, then tapping on the boat icon. By doing so, you’ll be instantly teleported to the boat map. - Make sure to complete as many events as possible while progressing through the story. Certain events in the game are crucial to advancing the story, while others are only required to complete the event. It’s important to keep in mind what type of event you’re on in order to make sure that you complete the event. - Try to avoid making love confessions with most of the characters since the game won’t give you a reward for making love confessions. However, you can make love confessions with the priestess since she’s the only character in the game that you can make love confessions with.


Eros Fantasy is a great game for those who love eroge and virtual reality experiences. To unlock all of the romance options, it might take a while, but it’s definitely worth it! The game has a pretty high learning curve, but once you figure it out, it’s an awesome experience. If you want to learn more about the game, check out our Eros Fantasy guide!

Eros Fantasy v1.10.8 MOD APK [menu/god Mode/high attack]