Android Phones

What is an Android phone? First of all I want to clear that Android is an Operating System (OS) not a device. It means that Android is a type of Operating System of your smartphone. Smartphones refers to any phone that can use applications such as internet browsers and all smartphones have different types of operating system which can be of Android , iOS or Window's type. Android is the simplest Operating System that a smartphone can have.

Vivo :- Vivo v17

Xiaomi Mi :- Redmi Note 8

Samsung:- Samsung Galaxy M30

Oppo :- Oppo A7

Android devices is rich in application framework that allows us to build innovative apps and games for different mobile devices in Java language. Android is easy to use because of easy software design and since it is an open source it also help us to protect our personal data from harmful apps. 

Android is infinitely customizable and a very powerful OS which makes social media apps such as Facebook, Whatsapp etc. easy to use. Unlike iOS we can  use browsers which we want.
Android have lots of third party applications which can be adapted by the users by installing the applications or downloading the APK file or by using play store to install the applications.
Google play store is the primary applications to install Android devices that comply with the Google's compatibility requirements advisors the Google mobile services software.